The Camo Office Chair: Finding an Office Chair as Unique as Your Style

How much time do you spend in an office chair? If you’re a regular desk-bound fellow working 40 hours a week, you could easily rack up 1,900 hours in an office chair in the course of one year. If you multiply that by the maximum number of years you could work, it’s not hard to imagine that you would spend a good portion of your lifetime in an office chair.

To some, their office seems like their second home. They’re married to their jobs, they literally live in the office.

If that’s the case, then a little personalization is in order—why not invest in a chair that exudes your personal style like a camo office chair?

What to Look for in a Camo Office Chair

camo office chair

Ergonomic studies have shown that an office chair that offers comfort and ample back support maximizes efficiency and increases the productivity of the person occupying it. All the more so when it radiates with the unique personal style of the occupant.

Why is this so? Simply because you get a sense of ownership of the space you’re occupying. You get a sense that this is your territory and you must do something to improve it. Here are some things to look for in a personal camo office chair:

Lumbar support

Workers who have to stay at the office for a minimum of 8 hours often complain of lower back pains. This can be prevented if they are given chairs with good lumbar support.

A good office chair should offer support for the lower back. The premium ones even have an adjustable lower back support that you can fine-tune to fit your lumbar area. This is important if you must prevent developing the debilitating illness called sciatica.


Your garden variety office chair has arms and height adjustment. However, this is not enough. If you must invest in a good office chair, look for the premium ones with 14 different adjustments allowing you great personalization and maximum comfort.

Many of the adjustments are dial controlled while some are pump controlled. This kind of chair would feel like home every time you sit on it.

Wheel base

Have you experienced having to reach out for something across your desk and failed to do so? Can you still remember how that must have hurt? Rolling is important for moments like when you’re reaching out for something beyond your grasp. Regular office chairs do have wheel bases but if your office is carpeted, you need a wheel base that’s specifically designed for it.

Swivel base

This is a standard feature for any modern office chair whether cheap or premium. Nevertheless, this is an important feature just like the wheel base because it allows you to easily access different parts of the desk without straining your back. If the base does not swivel freely, not only will your back be strained, your arms will also fatigue due to over-extension when you want to reach for something.


This is where personalization comes in. The fabric must be printed with your personal style like the camo design. But not only that, the fabric must be breathable to prevent the chair from becoming hot after extended hours of use. It must also have enough cushion to support your weight and you must not feel the base of the chair.


Before you purchase an office chair, you must try sitting on it and see if it fits you. It’s important that you know how it feels before you decide to finally buy it. You can’t afford to experience buyers’ remorse.

It must offer enough back support and comfort, you will literally feel at home when you sit on it. A good office chair must not get in your way and waste your time trying to fit yourself to it. Rather, it must be so comfortable you’d feel like you’re being hugged by a special someone every time you sit on it.

Finally, a good office chair must radiate with your unique personal style. If you like camo design, then you must get a camo office chair. The reason behind this is that you have to have that sense of ownership of the place you’re occupying. This is the place your work, this is your territory.

Did you have a recent experience buying an office chair? What is your personal preference? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Working in offices for years, I've spent my fair share of hours sitting in terrible office chairs. After multiple visits to the doctor for severe lower back pain, I decided to take control of my situation and find the best office chair for me. Through my research, I realized that there are SO many other people who are also in pain which is why I started this blog.

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