Best Office Chair

If you’re someone who works in an office, think for a second how long you spend sitting. Now consider how much more enjoyable your workspace will be by having an office chair which is both extremely comfortable and provides the proper support. You might even look forward to going to the office! This buying guide will provide you with all of the necessary information so you can make an informed purchase on the best office chair for you.

Why It’s important to have the best office chair

Best Office Chair

It’s a fact that the human body wasn’t designed to maintain a sitting posture for 8-10 hours a day. Luckily, there are some really smart people who have engineered office chairs to be ergonomic as possible, providing comfort and support so you can focus on the tasks at hand.

The best office chairs are highly adjustable which is necessary as we’re not all the same size. A number of factors come into play when ‘optimizing’ and office chair which include the height of the user, the height of the desk, the desired tilt, and so on. Some of the more advanced models will provide adjustments that aren’t standard including adjustable headrests, arm rests and so on.

There are essentially three different categories of office chairs to consider before you make a purchase. We’ll go through each of them quickly below.

Task Office Chairs

Task chairs are light and offer maximum mobility for the user. Task chairs will typically lack any type of head or lumbar support and is actually a pretty common chair around corporate America.

Mid-Back Office Chairs

More suitable for all day sitting compared to the task chair, the mid-back chair (unsurprisingly!) will provide some type of lumbar support to provide additional comfort and improved ergonomics over a task chair.

Executive Office Chairs

Executive Office Chair

Executive chairs aren’t just for the boss! Executive chairs will typically feature full-back and head support including adjustable arm rests and the like. Executive chairs are typically designed for all day use and will generally be a bit more expensive although are also know to last longer as well.

Before we get into the different features of what makes the best office chair for you, there are a few brands in particular that have really made a name for themselves in the office chair industry. While some manufactures are somewhat new to the office chair scene, there are some long time favorite brands as well such as Boss Office and Herman Miller. In this buying guide, we’ll only be recommending products from companies have that have shown quality over a reasonable period of time.

Where can you buy the right office chair?

We’re all familiar with major box store retailers that sell office furniture but the web actually provides a much wider selection of office chairs. Shipping is usually pretty fast and the support by phone is typically fantastic as well. What I like to do is instead take advantage of both the power of the internet by reading reviews and looking for sales while physically testing the chairs in store. When it comes time to purchase, I’ll always purchase online to avoid any line-ups, packing the chair into a truck, and so on. Online shopping really is easier when it comes to bigger box items.

What Type of Budget do I consider?

Cheap Office Chairs

Office chairs come in a variety of price ranges and in a lot of cases, you get what you pay for. Some low end office chairs will retails for less than $100 while high end office chairs will retails for more than $1,200.

If you’re a decision maker in your office and need to outfit the entire office with furniture – consider this. You invest so much in your staff already financially. Don’t you want those people to be happy and performing in comfort over a long period of time? They might be willing to spend an extra hour or two at their desks if they’re comfortable!

Now it’s important to note that the most expensive chair isn’t necessarily always the best one. As with most industries, some chairs with a fancy brand name will have you end up paying more for aesthetics than anything. Instead it’s important to find chairs that are the right price point for you while providing fantastic ergonomics and are highly adjustable. Again, if you’re in the process of buying a few office chairs, consider adjustability to extremely important as you never know exactly who will be using the office chair.

Warranties for Office Chairs

Typically, the more expensive chairs will come with some type of warranty which can be important as they go through every day wear and tear. Keep in mind, that cheaper models can be known to not last as long and can have malfunctions that might arise shortly after purchase. Although you can often return the chair within the first 30 days in most cases, it’s great to have a warranty to protect you for those malfunctions which take place after 30 days.

If you’re purchasing an office chair for your self; perhaps for your home office or whatever it might be, instead consider factors which are important to you as you definitely have options. Do you have a bad back? Consider a chair with extra support so you can finally sit comfortably throughout the day.

Do you prefer a type of material? Maybe you have bad back sweats – then a highly breathable mesh chair might be ideal for you instead. If you have a particular issue, check out one of the links below to ensure you have a chair which is right for your ailment.

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  • Best Office Chair for Sciatica Pain
  •  Best Office Chair for Neck Pain

Armrests or No Armrests for my Office Chair

Generally speaking, arm rests will provide you with extra support. Directly related to the health of your back, your arms are heavy and when not properly supported, will lead to slouching. Ultimately any posture where you are leaning forward from the vertical without arm support will require the back to work extra hard. Now for the serious gamers out there, you’ll much prefer a chair without armrests, especially if your looking to keep those clicks per minute up.

Reviews of the Best Office Chairs

As the title suggests, we’ll be providing reviews of some of our favorite office chairs. Keep in mind, we’ve choses options to match most budgets and that not all of the office chairs below may be right for you. Instead, read through each review and consider clicking through to read more hands-on reviews so you can decide if the chair is right for you or your colleagues.

For some, this offering might be a little bit too high off the floor, so do consider that if you’re a bit of a smaller person. One of the easiest chairs to clean that we’ve ever had, it’s leather and vinyl mix allow the chair to be cleaned easily with a little bit of mild soap and water!

Herman Miller Embody Office Chair

Herman Miller Embody Office Chair

One of the most comfortable office chairs we’ve ever reviewed, you’ll know why the first time you have a seat in this chair.

Sometimes finding a comfortable sitting position for computer users can be a real challenge. But with the Herman Miller Embody office chair, there are six different functions that allow you to adjust to maintain a healthy posture while working at your desk. The multiple functions takes pressure off the spine which is the main cause of discomfort when sitting.

Another feature we really like is the specially designed material which allows you to keep cool. For those warmer office out there, a sticky office chair can be extremely uncomfortable. This chair instead allows your body to breath properly promoting good circulation.

One of the more unique functions is the pixelated support mechanism which is built into this chair. We all know comfort is important but did you ever think that an office chair could help you with increased brain function? The Embody Office Chair automatically will conform to your micro movements and will distribute your weight evenly, which further promotes circulation and oxygen flow. This then increases brain function, allowing you to relax and perform all of the complex tasks facing you in a day.

Other, more generic benefits include height adjustment, arms rest adjustments to fit a variety of needs and a seat depth adjustment. All in all, a fantastic chair which is extremely comfortable.

Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair

Suffering from chronic back pain that is seemingly getting worse? Typically, it’s your office chair that’s causing you the problem especially if it’s not designed to support your spine and relieve back pain.

One of the most popular office chairs for back, the Aeron Chair is specially designed for those who are having back issues or are concerned with preventing further problems. It’s also highly adjustable which makes it great for people of all sizes.

Durability wise, the Aeron is constructed with highly durable materials including a graphite frame and patented material which allows you to stay cool no matter what (within reason of course!).

With a variety of adjustments, this office chair will adjust to your movements to ensure your weight is balanced evenly leading to better support of the spine. This will provide the support required to avoid any back pain and long term injuries.

The forward tilt assist also helps in preventing the upper body from slouching which again is one of the main cause for back pain, especially when sitting for long periods of time.

Sitting at your desk in an office chair that doesn’t provide the proper support is brutal on the body. An office chair that conforms to your micromovements is crucial and the Herman Miller Aeron Chair will provide that for sure.

Eurotech Ergohuman Ergonomic Office Chair

Eurotech Ergohuman  Mid Back Office Chair

A chair that aesthetically looks like it’s from the future, the Eurotech Ergohuman is an office chair that will provide you with fantastic ergonomic support.

Much like the Herman miller Aeron and Embody office chair, this particular model will conform to the shape of your body, assisting in maintaining proper posture throughout the day which is crucial. Everybody knows that depending on the task, you might be sitting in a different position. If you’re reading an article for example you might leaned back slightly. Writing a long article? You’re sitting upright. What you need is an office chair that will conform to your body no matter the adjustments you make.

Not only more comfortable, by receiving proper support, you’ll prevent those nasty aches and pains in your shoulders, back and neck area that will lead to serious injury down the road.

The material used will also promote increased circulation and breathability by promoting proper air flow. Nylon caster wheels allow you to easily roll around the office or perhaps even partake in a little office chair bumper cars!

Fully adjustable, you’ll be able to adjust the tilt, back angle, height and even synchro tilt. When you find position which is most comfortable for you, simply lock it into place and you’ll be in cruise control for that afternoon conference call.

Suitable for individuals between 5’2” and 6’5”, the majority of people in your office will be comfortable in this chair.

Ancheer Mount Ergonomic Desk Chair

Ancheer Ergonomic Office Chair

Ever feel like you need to lean back and give a good stretch in your desk chair but it just won’t recline like you’d like it too? Well we’ve got you covered with the Ancheer Mount Ergonomic Chair which is one of the great reclining office chairs available in 2017.

With 5 adjustable parts including headrest, backrest, armrest seat and height, you’ll be covered no matter your size (within reason!). I’m 6’3” and I fit in this chair extremely well even as a recline waaaaaay back.

The backrest is more of an ‘S’ shape that conforms to your spine, creating back support that will prevent injury and reduce pain that might already be apparent. It also has an extremely clean swivel and wheels that will allow you to scoot around the office as necessary.

Manufactured with a breathable, high density polyester, you’ll be comfortable on those warm summer days when the office air conditioner isn’t working.

Tested and able to stand weights up to 665 lbs, you can potentially have a couple of office workers in this chair at once 😉

SPACE Seating Professional Desk Chair

Space Seating Leather Chair

OUR PICK: Best Office Chair Under $200

One of the best-selling ergonomic office chairs on the market, it’ll continue to be a hot seller in 2017. With an extra padded, ECO leather seat, it’s an office chair which offers serious comfort.

Featuring a 2 in 1 synchro tilt control and tension and adjustability features that can only be matched by the top end office chairs on the market, it can accommodate people of most heights and weights. In addition, the chair is relatively lightweight a only 40lbs which makes it easy for moving around.

A well cushioned seat which is provides a comfortable seating environment, the breathable mesh design will keep you comfortable all day long.

Extra lumbar support will ensure you have better posture control, providing support to the spine to avoid any serious injury while working long days in the office.

Well priced and suitable for those looking for an option which won’t break the bank, the SPACE Seating Professional desk chair will certainly keep you in good shape at the office.

DX Racer Seat Office Chair

DX Racing Office Chair

Looking for something a little bit more sporty Not only with the DX Racer comfortably support your back and neck effectively, but it also provides a one-of-a-kind look that won’t be matched by many of the office desk chairs.

Designed by using the specifications of an actual car seat, comfort and support to the neck and spine are a big focus of this model. This focus includes incorporating a higher backrest to support the full length of the spine, including a head cushion and fully adjustable armrests with soft pad cushions. Designed to accommodate big and tall people with various levels of adjustment including a handy tilt mechanism.

And if you’re looking for a particular color combination, they’ll make sure you’re taken care of with options in blue, green, red, yellow, orange and even pink. With a heavy duty aluminum base to boot, this is an office chair that’ll last around the office.

An additional feature that we really like about this specific office chair is the lifetime warranty on the frame an 24-month warranty on parts. Overall, a relatively affordable chair for someone who requires neck and extra support and wants more of a sportier look.

Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Desk Chair

The Executive Chair from Boss black is a fantastic full back style chair with a fluffy nature that will have you feeling like you’re sitting on clouds. It’s also perfect for those who suffer from back problems as the chair provides fantastic support for the spine

For some, this offering might be a little bit too high off the floor, so do consider that if you’re a bit of a smaller person. One of the easiest chairs to clean that we’ve ever had, it’s leather and vinyl mix allow the chair to be cleaned easily with a little bit of mild soap and water!

You will receive the lumbar support you need with its unique design including a pneumatic seat height adjustment. The ‘waterfall’ seat construction will help to eliminate leg fatigue caused by sitting for long periods of time which we’re I’m sure we’re all very familiar with. Adjustable to your specific height requirements and also has a tilt tension control and locking mechanism in the upright position.

With this office chair it really depends on if you’re looking for a classy design for decoration your office or if perhaps you want to add an office chair to your computer table at your home office, this might be the right pick for you as it’s backed by a 6-year warranty that can’t be beat.

Komhode PU Leather Office Desk Chair

A no-frills design, the Komhode is a mid-back swivel office chair designed with simplicity in mind.

When you look at this particular office chair, you might think that it lacks support. However don’t let the compact appearance fool you as it offers very similar features that the more complex and much larder office chairs have. Offering a nice thick seating area for comfort and breathable mesh back for cooling, you’ll certainly be feeling fresh in Komhode.

Recommended more for a home office environment, we don’t necessarily recommend it for commercials use it’s a little more fragile than some of their other office chairs we’ve taken a look at. The heavy duty nylon base however with dual wheel carpet castors are very well made and make gliding around the floor a breeze.

Again, although it’s not the most ergonomic chair available, it still offers great spine support which is key for preventing and managing back pain from office chairs. With a maximum capacity of 330 lbs, most readers will find this lightweight and extremely accessible office chair the right one for them.

Basyx by HON Office or Computer Chair

One of the best office chairs for under $100 the Basyx is a nicely padded chair that can accommodate people of relatively any size. With a swivel tilt mechanism and easy to use tilt control, you’ll notice many similar features to the higher end models even.

The seat is contoured in design to offer double padding and the front ‘waterfall’ design supports the legs and assists with fatigue on those long days of reporting. Covered with breathable mesh material, you’ll also stay relatively cool in the Basyx although perhaps not as ‘cool’ as some of the other office chairs we’ve looked.

If you’re a business owner looking to purchase a few office chairs that are lightweight and durable, this might be the right pick for you, especially since the price is right. With a very strong frame and a durable resin finish, you won’t need to be worried about replacing these chair a year from now.

If you’re someone who is looking for functionality along with comfort at a great price, this is the right office chair for you.

Mid-Back Home Office Chair

Rated as one of the best home office chairs on the market, the Mid-Back office chair is also one of the most affordable office chairs on our site. Specifically used as a computer or desk chair for your home office, you can expect the basics when it comes to functionality and design.

Breathable meth material and design that will conform to your spine, you’ll still receive much of the support required to ensure you don’t have back pain after a long and grueling day. As with some of the executive chairs above, storage under a desk isn’t always easy, but with a simple chair like the Mid-Back Home Office chair, storage has never been easier.

Ideal for students and business owners who don’t spend the majority of their day seated, this affordable office chair is a fantastic choice.

Steelcase Leap

Another offering from Steelcase, the Leap is a fantastic chair that is a great option if you put a little less emphasis on adjustability or just maybe the Gesture is unavailable (it shouldn’t be!). Similar reclining system to the Gesture and traditional telescoping armrests (unlike the 360 pivoting armrests in the Gesture), you’ll be more than comfortable in the Leap.

Overall the two chairs make our list despite them being extremely similar. The Leap is a little bit more affordable than the Gesture. Also, since the Leap has been around for more than a decade, you can often find it at steep discounts from both box store and online retailers. Ultimately you’re giving up about 20% of range of motion for in some cases much more than 20% in savings

Steelcase Gesture

We really like the Steelcase Gesture do to the adjustability factors and solid design. It’s ultimately designed to handle the modern workflow where people aren’t necessarily expected to sit still in front of a monitor all day. Need to lean? No problem, this chair will lean with you for those moments when you need to lean back to check your Instagram or facebook feed. Your body will be supported at all times.

If you’re someone who uses multiple devices like a tablet for example or perhaps even a device that might sit on your lap, the armrests rotate outwards to accommodate that as well. Padded edges allow you to sit comfortably no matter if you’re caught slouching or with your legs crossed.

At a price point typically over $900, it’s definitely an investment but one that will pay off for years too come. It’s at the price point however that is pretty standard for chairs of this quality and the Steelcase Gesture I must say might be one of the better chairs I’ve had the pleasure of sitting in all day.

What is the Best Office Chair?

If you don’t already know which office chair is right for you, it’s important to understand that not all office chairs are created equal. Just like any other product you’re considering buying, there are generally cheap, mid-range and premium options. However, because you’ll be using your office chair for the majority of your day, isn’t it worth investing in an option that’s going to provide you with the proper support? Let’s review what makes the best office chair.


The best office chairs should conform to your body. With every micromovement, your chair should be ergonomically designed to support your back, neck, seat and legs. If your current office chair isn’t supplying this type of support, it’s time to buy a new chair.


We’re not all made the same. Some of us are taller and heavier while others are shorter and lighter. It’s important to have all of the adjustments available to you so that your chair can offer you not only perfect support but so that you can adjust to higher or lower working spaces. Also, it’s nice to have the ability to recline on those extra-long days where you just need a break.


Finally, the next most important feature of the perfect office chair for you is durability. If there is one thing all of us share it’s that we don’t want to buy something that’s going to break the next day. Instead you want a desk chair that will withstand your weight and size for years to come which means it’s manufactured out of sturdy and durable materials. Also, look for a chair with good stability which means it has a good 5-point base to spread the weight of the user evenly.

If you consider the big three features above, you’ll be well on your way to finding the best office chair for you. One feature that will definitely vary based on the person is if you prefer armrests or not. Just because an office chair doesn’t have arm rests doesn’t mean it’s a bad chair. The biggest thing to consider when choosing a chair is what will be most comfortable for you.

Properly Adjusting a Desk Chair for Your Height

We come in all different shapes and sizes which means adjusting our office chairs correctly is extremely important. Even though an ergonomic office chair will provide you with the necessary support, you still need to make adjustments so that it’s optimized for your person.

When adjusting a seat height, first stand behind the chair. The seat of the chair should rest just below knees. After making the small adjustments to have the chair even with knees, sit on the chair and keep your feet flat on the floor.

The next step is to ensure the clearance between your calves and the front of the office chair is ideal. There should be roughly 2” of clearance between the two points which is similar to about the size of a fist.

Finally, you want to make sure that your legs can very easily fit under the desk easily. If for example the chair won’t adjust to a low enough position to get your legs under your desk comfortably, you won’t be in a good position to enj­oy a comfortable and efficient work day.

One tip to ensure comfort through­­­­out the day is to avoid wrapping your feet around the wheels and castors of the chair. It will create unwanted strain on your legs and back which will lead to long term chronic pain over time. Instead, keep your feet flat on the floor to ensure proper posture and everlasting comfort.

What’s the Deal with Arm Rests?

“What’s the deal with corn nuts? I mean is it a corn – or is it a nut?”

When considering if you want to buy an office chair with or without arms rests, there are a few points to consider. Ultimately it’s not a big issue but the thinking behind having no arm rests is that arm rests can prevent and office chair from getting close enough to the desk that your legs wouldn’t be able to slide under comfortably. In some cases this is an issue for people while for many others, it’s not a big deal in the least.

Arm rests can be beneficial to the user as they take some of the load off of the shoulders so that one can comfortably perform the tasks necessary in a workday. However, others will say that arm rests and can actually get in the way of some of those tasks. It’s a bit of a conundrum.

Ultimately, it’s an individual preference. I personally don’t like armrests but it does depend on the task I’m engaged with. If you end up choosing and office chair where the armrest doesn’t interfere with your tasks, and doesn’t prevent you from sliding your legs fully under your work station than I actually have a preference for armrests. At the end of the day, the best desk chairs are designed to provide support and armrests DO provide additional support and alleviates pressure, fatigue while promoting good posture. And when you spend hours in a day in your office chair, it’s important to have a chair that offers the appropriate support.

If you’re concerned that your armrests might get in the way of your work but you want the support of armrests, at the very least consider purchasing an office chair where you can adjust the height of the arm rests or potentially even remove the armrests. This will also allow for people of all sizes to sit comfortably in the desk chair, especially if your purchasing the chair for an office setting where many people might be using the furniture.

Office Chairs Evolving with Workplace Ergonomics

As someone who has worked in office for decades, it wasn’t too long ago when an office chair was just an office chair. A simple device that would allow you sit instead of stand to perform duties in the office. They lacked many of the features you see today with next to no adjustment features, and if you look way back, didn’t even have wheels for maneuvering.

Luckily, we’ve come a long ways since then or else we’d all be spending a lot more time with our physios and chiropractors getting help with injured backs. Because we’ve had the luxury of long term studies which have proven the issues desk chairs that are not ergonomically designed cause, we now have a variety of options available no matter your height and weight.

With the hype over back injuries, chronic pain and other related issues to sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day, manufacturers developed ergonomic chairs which adapt to the movements we make throughout the day. For those who do their research and purchase an ergonomic chair, we’re treated to proper support of the back, neck and legs along with a variety of other adjustability features which make sitting in a desk chair 5 work days in a row manageable.

Another injury that’s common in the office environment is carpal tunnel which is sustained in the arms and wrists. In some cases, without quality support, carpal tunnel can become so terrible that surgery is required to fix the issue.

Ultimately and perhaps the biggest reason the office chair has evolved in recent years is because of advancement in workman’s compensation and insurance. If workers were sustaining injuries, the insurance claims came along with those injuries. To prevent this from continuing, offices began investing in ergonomically designed office chairs designed to support their employees, therefor diminishing the number of claims made.

So no matter if you have your own home business or have an entire office to look after, it’s important to provide yourself; or your staff with ergonomically designed chairs to prevent injury in the workplace. And if you’re someone who works in an office and relies on your company to buy you a chair, encourage them to invest in you. It will pay off.