Best Office Chair Under $300

If you work in an office, you know how important a high quality office chair is. And from our experience, it’s more than just quality but also how it aligns w­­­i­­­­­th your needs. If you’re looking for a new office chair that will ensure comfort all day long, you’ve come to the right place as we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best office chairs that retails for under $300.

What to look for in an office chair

There a variety of things to consider when you’re evaluating the right office chair for you. We’ve listed a the key factors we consider when making our picks of the best office chair for under $300.

Lumbar Support for office chairs under $300

Ideally, your office chair will have extra support for your lower back so that your spine stays in a consistently neutral position. Because if your back is in pain the entire work day, you’re probably not going to get as much work done as you would have liked. Although there are some people who don’t actually prefer extra lumbar support, for the most part, it’s universally preferred.


The material of a chair will be important for two big factors. The first one being breathability. You’ll notice that many of the chairs we’ve reviewed on this list will feature a mesh back which provides the best option for breathability. Because nobody likes to go home with a sweaty back at the end of the work day do they?

The other reason to consider material is cleanliness. Are you someone who has spilt the odd cup of coffee? Or maybe you’re not afraid to let the crumbs of your conference room cookie to fall in your lap? In that case, you’re going to want to consider material that’s easy to clean and offers some breathability.

Adjustability option for Office Chairs under $300

We’re not all the same height and weight are we? So we can’t expect everyone to be comfortable with the same size chair! Luckily, all of the chairs we’ve reviewed have a whack of adjustability features which will keep you comfortable throughout the day no matter size or height.

Another adjustability feature is tiltability. Although you might like rocking back and forth in your office chair, the same might not be said for your co-workers. Instead, look for office chairs with adjustability options to suit your needs.


Are you at a single desk with no real need to swivel quickly? Than you’ll likely not care if your office chair has swivel features. But if you’re a secretary at the helm of the operation with multiple screens and phones to keep tabs on, you’ll likely want to invest in an office chair that can keep you zooming around the office.

Seat Back

I’m 6’3 so I appreciate office chairs with a high back. I used to work in an office where my only option was a low back office chair and I was terribly uncomfortable. Luckily with a little bit of complaining, I received an office chair with a higher back and I was much more comfortable.


I like to compare cushioning on an office chair to cushioning on a bed. Not everybody likes it super soft and not everyone likes a firm bed. The majority of chairs will fall somewhere in the middle which is a great option if you’re in charge of purchasing office chairs for an entire office for example.

Reviews: Best Office Chair For Under $300 

Alera Elusion – Most Comfortable Office Chair

The Alera Elusion is one of the best value office chairs on the market primarily for its added back support. It definitely makes our list as one of the best office chairs for under $300 as it’s made with premium upholstery and a mesh back which will keep you cool on a particularly long day.

The Alera is also a mainstay on the market as it’s continuously manufactured year after year because of its great reviews and affordability.

The multifunction mechanism allows for maximum adjustability allowing you to adjust the back angle and forward tilt at the click of a switch. Featuring a waterfall edge on the seat which will encourage circulation if sitting for long periods of time, the Alera will keep you as cool and as comfortable a s a cucumber all week long.

The Space Chair – Best Office Chair for Upper Back Pain

One of the most well known office chairs for those who experience upper back pain, the Space Chair is a mainstay in offices throughout corporate America. The height adjustable armrests allow those who extremely tall or short to find the optimal sitting position in front of their desk. No more scrunched up shoulders!

On top of that, added pneumatic seat height adjustments. Extra-padded arms and 2 in 1 locking tilt system with adjustable tilt tension control, you’ll be fully in charge of creating the perfect office chair work environment unique to your needs.

The only negative thing we’ve ever read in reviews is that a few people have commented that the seat was too long for shorter users to the point it was difficult to reach the seat back.

AmazonBasics Mid-Back Mesh Chair – Best Office Chair under $100

A great value chair, it’s what you’d expect from Amazons Basics line-up. A standard mid-back mesh chair, it’s not only a great chair overall, but it’s particularly great if you’re on a budget and want something ergonomic and comfortable.

The contoured mesh back is standard but great for breathability for those who are serious about that type of thing. I have some friends in particular who sweat a ton in the workplace and mesh chair like this will save them a few nice office shirts in a calendar year.

From an adjustability perspective, you’ll have plenty of options with tilt adjustability and easy to use height control. Even if overall it’s quite basic, it surely gets the job done at an unbeatable price.

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Working in offices for years, I've spent my fair share of hours sitting in terrible office chairs. After multiple visits to the doctor for severe lower back pain, I decided to take control of my situation and find the best office chair for me. Through my research, I realized that there are SO many other people who are also in pain which is why I started this blog.

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