10 Reasons to Invest in the Best Office Chair

The modern worker needs to be at the desk for extended periods. This shift in the way we work has effects in our bodies which historically has been mobile and active.

From the ergonomic perspective, a decent office chair is really designed to provide maximum comfort in an otherwise highly stressful environment. Having to sit for 8 hours is really stressful to the body and can potentially cause injuries.

Whether you like it or not, whatever you’re sitting on, will have a great impact on your experience. Here are 10 reasons to invest in a great office chair:

Improve your posture

The frequent gripe of employees who have to stay at the office for 8 hours or more is back pains. This is often caused by poorly designed furniture along with bad posture. Studies have shown that well-designed office chairs provide support for the back and spine and help improve posture.

Reduce injuries

With a great office chair, long-term injuries at work are actually reduced in addition to improved posture. Office chairs that have good back support actually reduce occurrences of back pains, fatigue, and spinal discomfort.

Reduce absenteeism

Employees who go home stressed from work are more likely to be absent the next day. According to Ergonomic Plus, “if an employee does not experience fatigue and discomfort during their workday, it can reduce turnover, decrease absenteeism, improve morale and increase employee involvement.” Clearly, if you want to attract employees to be present, investing in a good office chair is imperative.

Improve office aesthetics

Do you realize that a good office chair is an attention grabber? When you visit an office, the first things that you will notice are the furniture and a well-designed chair can brighten up an otherwise dull environment.

Cheap chairs sucks

You can call me spoiled but there is an enormous difference between a cheap and a great office chair. A great office chair is so accommodating and comfortable, it just gets out of the way and makes you focus on your work. The same thing can’t be said of a lousy chair. Can you imagine spending the rest of you day shifting positions because your chair just won’t make you settled? Even though you often get what you paid for, we've compiled a list of chairs for under $100 which are pretty darn awesome.

Chairs last a long time

A chair, cheap or expensive, can easily last a decade. Try to visit an office nearby and you can easily see chairs that have been around for the last ten years. And it that’s an uncomfortable chair, then that’s easily a decade of discomfort. If you must buy a chair, you might as well invest in a great one and avoid a decade of buyer’s remorse.

Improve productivity

Are you all-in for productivity? All competitive workplaces are these days. But do you know what is crucial for productivity? Comfort, and it begins with a great office chair. Whether you’re in a corporate workplace or you work at home, every piece of furniture plays an important role in your productivity, but the chair is the ultimate thing. If you’re not comfortable where you’re seated, forget about being productive.

You’re investing in yourself

Investing in a great office chair is an investment for yourself. Or if you manage a team, it’s an investment for your entire team. As mentioned above, when you or the people who work under you are uncomfortable, productivity suffers. And you know how that affects your investment right?

Satisfy ergonomic requirements

Ergonomics is no longer just a concept, it’s a modern day requirement that needs to be satisfied from the get go. Chairs that have adequate back support and cushioning are part of the modern workplace that individual employees are entitled to have. Businesses nowadays are required to have a conducive work environment. This is a reason why many of the most ergonomic office chairs make our list for the best office chairs in general.

Beat the demands of the modern workplace

Business and corporations that provide the best working environment often have great talent retention. Often times, this environment includes not just an amiable work atmosphere but also great office chairs that meet the stringent demands of different executives and workers.

Great office chairs are basic requirements in an environment characterized by rapid changes. These are long term investments that you need to recognize from the start. Why not take the time to consider selecting chairs as you would other strategic decisions in your own career.

Do you have an experience buying a great office chair? How did it go? Would you like to share a thought or two in the comment section below?

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Working in offices for years, I've spent my fair share of hours sitting in terrible office chairs. After multiple visits to the doctor for severe lower back pain, I decided to take control of my situation and find the best office chair for me. Through my research, I realized that there are SO many other people who are also in pain which is why I started this blog.

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